2018 CDF @ Toulouse

juillet 8th, 2018

In 2018, the French Championship of slalom took place in Toulouse.

I did perform 3rd for speed slalom & 5th for freestyle slalom.

2018 04 Tours Contest

juillet 7th, 2018

Tours Roller Contest happened in April 2018.

I performed 1st for the freejump with a great challenge from the local skaters.

I also did 1st for the speed slalom

2018 01 Besancon Cont.

juillet 7th, 2018

Besancon Roller Contest did welcome skaters from the East side of France : Strasboug, Lyon, Dijon. I did run the organisation of this competition to grow up a new dynamic on the East side of France.

I also did perform 1st on freestyle slalom & speed slalom
2nd for the freejump, behind Florian

2017 Téléthon @ Besanç

juillet 7th, 2018

The 3 roller clubs of Besançon did perform a show together to collect funds for the Téléthon.

I was in charge of the group of skaters performing slalom & jump.

2017 11 Magliss Party

juillet 7th, 2018

New edition of the Magliss Fever Roller Party, near Paris.

Slalom Show, Dance Show, Skating Party on Quads & InLine Skates.

I was representing Rollerblade

2017 09 Lugdunum cont.

juillet 7th, 2018

The Lugdunum contest takes place in Lyon. It is outdoor on the main square of the down town.

I performed 2nd

2017 04 French Champ.

juillet 7th, 2018

The French Championship 2107 took place in Tours

I did perform honestly, the results were less good than expected : 5th for freestyle slalom

2017 04 Lyon Contest

juillet 7th, 2018

The indoor contest of Lyon : Freestyle Slalom Speed Slalom & FreeJump

I did perform 2nd for speed and freestyle slalom, behind Hervé.

And 3rd for freejump.

2017 01 Tours & Pornichet

juillet 7th, 2018

2017  starts with 2 competitions on the west side of France : Pornichet & Tours

2016 Téléthon Besançon

janvier 7th, 2017

3 clubs from the city of Besançon did join for a charity event. I came & skate, pushing the local skaters to perform & show what we do : slalom & jump on skates.

2016 Skate Party Paris

novembre 23rd, 2016

2016 Roller Party took place as usual @ Asnieres, near Paris. More & more skatesr from Paris, all kind, all ages. I ve been invited to perform slalom show.

2016 New @ Besancon

novembre 23rd, 2016

New City, New Club, New skatesr. They welcomed me & invited the press to write an interview  : « Est Republicain ». One more article. Thank you.

2016 Decathlon Paris

novembre 23rd, 2016

September : time to start the skate club again, check skates in the shops. So I got invited to show what skating is all about. Music, Jump, Customers @ Paris Decathlon.

2016 French Championship

novembre 23rd, 2016

** no picture yet **

2016 EGP18 Paris Contest

novembre 23rd, 2016


Paris Contest EGP18 : it is about Agressiv & BorderCross. There was also FreeJump. I took part, click to see the pictures

2016 Porni. & Lyon comp

avril 10th, 2016

2 contests in a row : short morning in Pornichet, I performed only classic. The track was too small, my run could not fit this small place. I did adapt. It did not work : 6th

Following week end : week end in Lyon.
My classic went better, still not the way it should be … I took the 1st place.
I tried the speed slalom, finally I got ranked 2nd.
On Sunday, I finished with the freejump & took the 1st place.

2016 Puteaux Club

avril 10th, 2016

Meeting the club to teach the kids : Freestyle and Speed Skating : 2 coachs for a discovery

Video : visit Sofi @BCN

décembre 7th, 2015

I did visit Sofi to visit Barcelona. I ve been there many time already. But sightseing on skates together to film & share with you. I did tricks, because I love it 😉

Sofi & I are in the Rollerblade Team International. This meeting was just together, to skate & share.

Hope you will like it = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rae5k-hgvVw

2015 Tours Contest

décembre 5th, 2015

New Sport Season 2015/2016 : first competition was OK.
I took part 2 sports & did 2    podiums.
I am also qualified for French Championship & pushing my mates on competition.
1 short day in Tours.

2015 Rollerdisco Paris sub

novembre 11th, 2015

Every year this Roller Disco is taking place.
Good Mood.
Slalom Show.
Dance Show.

A nice evening to meet with old friends, not slaloming : Dance Skaters, Street Skaters,

Shop staff … A big family : Paris Skaters

2015 BarcelonaGames

juillet 27th, 2015

2015 Barcelona Games

New Trick : Heel FootGun. 4cones validated. It did suprise the other skaters 🙂
Jump did improve, Spanish skaters did progress a lot. There s a real challenge now.

2 fast days : skating slaloming juming : no time to go to the beach, just had time for a spanish diner, and i was already in the flight back home.

2015 French Championship

juillet 9th, 2015

French Championship took place in Lyon – July 2015.
Hot days for this competition, I came with another skater from my club.

Ranking 2nd for Freestyle Slalom Classic.
I didnt have enough training in June – I ll train more in July 🙂
I performed a new Trick, but I need to do a better picture before posting it on internet.

2015 Competition Arsac

mars 30th, 2015

Arsac : competition near with Bordeaux (long drive)

Bringing new skaters again to competition.

Wrong slalom for me (over time) & Good Jump (1st)

2015 Competition Chartres

mars 24th, 2015

2015 Competition Chartres

1 hour drive from Paris. I brought 2 friends to their first competition.

The soft plastic floor has been a challenge. But I did good.

1st Freestyle Slalom
2nd Freejump
3rd Speed Slalom

2015 Artmix Show

février 21st, 2015

2015 Artmix Show:

New Association to push skating to a show mix in between Freestyle Slalom – Figure Skating – Dance skating.

All together to enter a sport show for the Olympic comitee of Val de Marne Department.

2014 Interview Magazine

janvier 28th, 2015

I got contacted by a Magazine for an interview, to promote Freestyle Skating : What is it ? How to perform & train ? Competitions, Events ?

People know little about it & need informations.

I got lucky, the photographe was talented : we did cool pictures.

2014 Show near Paris

janvier 28th, 2015

Near Paris : I got invited to perform Slalom.

Disco, Music & Skating = nice evening

RB video : Slalom & Speed

septembre 4th, 2014

This is a video made by Rollerblade : Freestyle Slalom & Speed Skating
2014 @ Barcelona

Word Champion Speed Skating : Jorge BOTERO
World Cup Champion Freestyle Slalom : Vincent VU VAN KHA

Barcelona Games 2014

juillet 30th, 2014

Back to competition : ranking 1st for Slalom & 2nd for Jump
2 hot days in Spain

I arrived in Barcelona by plan … without case : lost luggage : no skates
Claim & wait. I decide to take it easy, visit some restaurants & have spanish foods with my friends. After 2 days, Friday late evening I got my skates !

No need to stress for competition : I have my skates, it is already cool.
FreeJump : I jump without mistakes until 1m35 which I touch : I finish 2nd.

Then time for freestyle slalom : no need to warm up long time, it is more than 35°C outside, competition gets a bit delayed … so I start to skate 5 girls before the end of women category.
I finish 1st.

Many good points for this week end, I met new skaters, spoke with them, did my tricks, had good foods & spoke with old friends.

RB Sales Meeting 2014

juillet 30th, 2014

Rollerblade did invite all its Sales Forces for a big meeting. I discovered the new Twisters 2015.

I spent some time with the owners of Hawaii Surf & Nomades.

I did skate with the Rollerblade Skaters + film a video for Youtube with Jorge Botero & Greg Mirzoyan.

Milano Skating 2014

juillet 29th, 2014

Some very few hours in Milano (Italy) : landing by plan at Malpensa late evening, skating and taking off already, in the night.

Meeting the local skaters & Rollerblade Italians skaters -> slalom, slide, jump : urban skating

Thank you Federico for the pictures : click & check

Ciao ciao

Video : Skating@Paris

mai 11th, 2014

March 2014 : Skating in Paris – Esplanade des Invalides

It is a short edit about Slalom & Slides

Here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvWYWnDnSAA

Madrid Competition 2014

avril 8th, 2014

Madrid 2014 : federation cup RFEP

The Spanish Federation contacted me 3 weeks ago to join them in Madrid. Little time to train & prepare a 2 min run (new rules). Quick flight, arrived for the freejump, then classic freestyle slalom. New tricks made my day. 1st for the jump & … still need to work on the slalom.

Good to meet friends : InGravity Team – Rodats Team – SPV Team – Spanish & French Skaters

After the competition, More skating, More training, More playing & challenging : new ideas for new tricks 2014

Show Slalom 2013

janvier 5th, 2014

Birthday of the club Mag Gliss & Party sponsored by Hawaii Surf & Rollerblade.

Slalom Show + Dance Performance with the Miss Iles + Courses of Zumba skates.

Nice Time & old skaters of Paris meeting.

Spanish Cup Vigo 2013

novembre 6th, 2013

Spanish Cup 2013 is a 4 competitions ring, I did 3 :  Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo. Vigo was last week end, not easy to reach from France. I joined for freestyle slalom & freejump. I did not perform slalom so good as I got many cones penalties, but it went better with the jump. Finally over the cup I am 1st for Freestyle Slalom & 1st for FreeJump.

But the most important is to share time with the other skaters, improving tricks. I had that time as well as party time : nice trip.

pictures : https://picasaweb.google.com/

Eur Ipope Festival 2013

juillet 22nd, 2013

Eur Ipope Festival is about hip hop & Skate culture. After 1 week of training, guys from Europe did perform – 14th of July.

I did skate for them – Sunny Show – Many cultures & Nationalities : Turkich, Bulgarian, Belgian, French … coming to skate !

Barcelona Games 2013

juin 23rd, 2013

Barcelona Games 2013 : Parque del Clot.

This year the competition took place under the organisation of the Spanish Federation – new rules – new settings.

I had no time to investigate too much, I did skate my way, doing my tricks. I took 2nd place for Freestyle slalom. I also took part to Freejump, I took 3rd place.

RB team 2013 interviews

mai 8th, 2013

RB @ Madrid 6h race

mai 4th, 2013

Madrid sets for a 6hours skating race on its race track. I met there with RB international team as well as the Spanish team, 2 skaters Javi & Andy. After this day I had some time on Madrid spots meeting with InGravity team.

RB Team 2013@ Istanbul

avril 22nd, 2013

Istanbul, TURKEY

2013 Original Rollerblade Team is skating Istanbul, meeting the Turkisch skaters, sharing some skating time, some tricks, shows & videos.

Istanbul is a very big city – So many cars crossing the Bosphore over 2 bridges. Nice seashores for skating under the sun.

Nice discovery & Nice meetings

Madrid Competition 2013

avril 18th, 2013

Madrid 2013 : federation cup RFEP

I have been invited to take part, I took part, I did 2nd. With litlle time to prepare my run and check my tricks, I flight till Madrid, meeting with friends & Spanish spring 🙂

After the competition, I had some more time on Madrid @ the Retiro Park, skating with Juankar , and sharing the life or InGravity Shop.

I like Spain & Spanish friends, I ll be back in 2 weeks to Madrid

Gracias a todos por compatir este momentos de patinaje – felicidades,


RB team 2013 : interview

avril 2nd, 2013

Check the link for the interview : http://www.rollerblade.com/athletes/vincent-vu-van-kha/

From the website of Rollerblade

Picture by Carlos Pinho

Show Candeloro Ice 2013

février 11th, 2013

Skating Show in the Ice Rink of Asnières Paris

Ice Skaters vs Inline Skaters : Slalom, Artistic, Hockey, Speed, Dance
I did perform on a plastic floor straight on the ice rink, frozen it had no grip, still I did my tricks.
Sharing the public with ice slalom skaters, under the spotlights of the ice rink, wrong floor but nice place. Finally it was that icy, i decided to go on the ice, to try some tricks. Not easy for sure !

All this event happened thanks to the club of Magliss’XS, under the invitation of Philippe Candeloro ( Ice skater Champion ). Pictures partly mine, partly from Carlos Pinho.

Click on the picture to access the gallery.

Show – Slalom 2012

décembre 5th, 2012

Skating near with Paris – Show at the demand of the city for an evening meeting / party.
The aim :  to present & entertain. Nice time with friends, actually some old friends from my early days on wheels. It was too short 😉

It s been slalom show & also dance on skates.

BarcelonaGames 2012

octobre 7th, 2012

One day of Rain + One day of Sun. Fortunetly, the organisation of the competition had a nice cover place. It s been a bit of panic to move from one place to the other place, but this indoor competition was good, the floor was perfectly flat for the difficult tricks, this make a difference. Free Drinks. Free Foods.

Skaters of Madrid did improve on Freestyle Slalom. Nice to have this guys aside. Happy time. I performed 3rd of the competition, best for the tricks, i got sanctionned for the body control.

Sunday was time for Jump., Sunny day at the Arc de Triumf. Good Public. I did not jump since last year same competition. Finally I jumped 1m30 & performed 3rd exaequo with Italian skater Marcello.

(Click on the picture to access the Gallery)

Show in Switzerland 2012

août 1st, 2012

Once again in Switzerland for Rollerblade. A global party dedicated to the young sports – inline skates, BMX, breakdance, paddle surf … fun & good time

I did perform 5 shows to present slalom to the public of Switzerland – nice place for the show. I met with Miss Switzerland 2011 and shared some tricks. She learned fast and hopefully will be a slalom skater 🙂

Check the pictures

Show in Paris 2012

août 1st, 2012

Madrid Patina is a big skate school of Spain. As they passed by in Paris with 200 skaters. They ask me for sharing slalom tricks. So I did with JuanKar.

Easy Time

(click the picture to see the gallery)

French Champ 2012

juin 16th, 2012

French Championship was this year in Pornichet – west France – I ranked 3rd for Freestyle Slalom.

Going over there with friends, I prepared my performance only 2 weeks before going, therefore I got lost in my music at the end of the performance. Next time I will prepare more 🙂 next time will be in Barcelona Games 2012.

See you there – Hopefully 

RB team 2012 @ Madrid

mai 30th, 2012

Rollerblade Original Team 2012 in Madrid
Featuring:Jeremy Suarez, Vincent Vu Van Kha, Tamara Llorens, Greg Mirzoyan

RB team 2012 VinZ profil

mai 23rd, 2012

2 days in Madrid, visiting skaters & shops. I skated in the Retiro Park, in InGravity shop, in the River skatepark … I met many young skaters German, Carlos, Marcos and old friends. Juan Carlos.

The Rollerblade Team is merging different style of skating with Tamara, Greg, Jeremy and I.0
Check our 4 interviews online.

Gallery : https://picasaweb.google.com/112386455266187737469/0412RBMadrid

Museum Paris 2011

décembre 15th, 2011

French Ministry of Sports does welcome for some months a presentation of Urban sports (Skates, Skateboards, Bikes), their history & culture. The 7th December, the Minister of Sports did open this temporary Museum. There are Old Skates, Some with wheels made of wood or metal, Old cones (35cm high for slalom), many items & magazines & pictures.

It s been time to meet skaters & actors of inline skating.

BarcelonaGames 2011

octobre 5th, 2011

Barcelona Games 2011

24th-25th September 2011 : Many skaters arrived days in advance. I could join in the Friday night – to compete on Saturday morning… Finally the rain came in the morning and postponed my category to Sunday. It made the floor wet for the shuffles. Public joined the party. Sunday was time.
After qualifications I was 2nd. I skated ok, but could not achieve my tricks in the 50s slalom. Then came finale. I failed my first trick & did not validate totally some others. Because of this I rank 4th… It was fast moment, I want to play it again.

Good days. Friendship. Sport. Sun. Skate. Beach. Tapas. Good time for sure. Next year I should spend more days over there !!

About next year : September 2012
BarcelonaGames 2012 : save the date

RB team @ Poland

juillet 23rd, 2011

RB team in Poland

We had a very warm welcome from RB Poland & Polish skaters. First we did visit the old salt mine of Krakow … on skates some 200 meters underground. That was opened just for us. Then, I did run clinics of slalom skating for begginer & very advanced competitors.

Good time & Nice meetings

French Champ. 2011

juillet 6th, 2011

French Championship 2011 – St Médard
This competition runned by the French Federation Roller Sports.

About sports : it was about sharing the knowledge with guys I am coaching & training with during the year. It was also about performing. Some the tricks went good, some other got stucked. Meanwhile I got from far the best technical mark. However, the style & music was good, but not sufficient – I rank 2nd, 0.2 points under the top step. This is sport !

RB Video : Barcelona

juillet 6th, 2011

The second video of Barcelona 2011 : team Rollerblade : is now online

Freestyle – Urban Skating – Freeride

Fiesta Show Barcelona

juin 25th, 2011

Barcelona – the skating city

This week end was la Fiesta de las Ruedas – The party of the wheels. 3 slalom shows with Carlos. 2 slalom shows with Jon Kris & Aleix. RollerDerby show, Skating Dance show with Ayke, Figure Skating show.
I did perform for Rollerblade & we also did film some tricks for a next video. coming soon on YouTube. In the meantime check the picture gallery // click the image.
& I did Interview on Spanish internet TV.

TV video link = the bike show experience.avi

Show in Zurich 2011

juin 2nd, 2011

Zurich Move City 2011

1 Day Slalom Show (1 inside + 2 outside) together with a show of Big Jump (Mind the Gap) & the show of Parkour done by Nike Team.

Shopping area, good public, Music & Sun = that was a good day in Switzerland.
& I did Interview on Swiss TV.

RB video = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsCcyogF7NQ
TV link = http://www.internettv.ch/sport/ssf-magazin/ssf-magazin-vom-07-06-2011
( ps : if anyone knows how to save this interview video – your help is welcome )

French Qualif. 2011

mai 16th, 2011

Qualification for French Championship 2011 : we went there 1 afternoon. Skating & Qualifying. Done.

MasterClass 2011 – Sevilla

mai 12th, 2011

Mercury & SlalomSkating did organize the 2011 MasterClass. 4 groups about Freestyle Slalom, 1 group about Speed Slalom, 1 group about Slides & 1group about Free Jump. Skaters from differents levels : beginners, intermediate, advanced.

Very warm welcome there – thank you guys for this organization.

facebook video link (TV) = https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=184058204979072&comments

RB Team @ BCN 2011

mai 11th, 2011

RB Team goes to Barcelona – shooting video & pictures – with :

Tamara Llorens, Greg Mirzoyan, Sven Boekhorst, Vincent Vu Van Kha & Benjamin Brillant
for speed skating, urban, freestyle, agressiv

Click in the picture to open the gallery

Show near Paris 2011

mai 11th, 2011

Local event near Paris – skating slalom with 3 friends to present freestyle into a Friday Night Skate.

Show in Treviso 2011

mars 28th, 2011

Treviso is in Italy near with Venice. The Marathon event is a popular event with many people taking part, athletes, intermediate, begginers or family. During this day of speed skating, I have been invited to join freestyle event. Different groups & schools joined to celebrate skating together.
(nb : The pictures are from the other skaters – thanks)

Ciao a tutti 🙂

Seven & ChickenBack

février 28th, 2011

During 2010, I noticed many skaters, judges do not get the difference in between  Seven&ChickenBack, or Chicken&SevenBack. It is advanced skaters knowledge. So for all the intermediate skaters, here are 2 videos to show the differences. For the beginners or non-skaters, well it it is about slalom tricks turning on 1 wheel 😉

on Toe : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qnj40Qaj4iU
on Heel : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXqma0RTCvY

When the skate passby the cones, it goes forward or backward. Backward is more difficult.
When the skate passby the cones, cones is internal side of the skate or external side. This gives the name Seven or Chicken. Difficulties are similar.

Keep Training

Contest in Barcelona 2010

octobre 5th, 2010

Barcelona Freestyle Contest 2010 is a sympathic & independant contest, taking place in the very center of the city, right under the Arco de Triompho. Some skaters from 6 countries joined to slalom, slide, jump. The saturday has been long on wheels & sunday was quite on the beach, meeting friends, speaking with skaters going for extra training. Nice time … it is Barcelona

Pictures click on this picture – Video is on YouTube

Show in Berlin 2010

octobre 5th, 2010

Berlin is a step of the World InLine Cup. One day of presenting products & one day of sport. This year the German Championship of Freestyle joined the Marathon event. I joined & did a FreeJump Contest vs the BMX.

Show in Eindhoven 2010

septembre 17th, 2010

Back from Eindhoven. A competition of Speed Skating. A Big Air & Agressiv Skating with « Mind the Gap ». A day of rain too. Meanwhile the Slalom Show was inside. Jump show too. Meating local skaters. New club ? Maybe new slalom skaters coming soon in Eindhoven …

It was a meeting of RB Team, different skating, one team


Show in Switzerland 2010

juillet 29th, 2010

Switzerland organized a nice event with Ski Lake Jumping, Freestyle Skating, BMX Flat, Dirt, HipHop, Skateboard HalfPipe, WakeBoard, Diving, Parachute ….

We were there for 2 days, skating the city, doing the show, meeting Nordica Skiers. Maybe a video will come out of this event …

RB Video « Vinz in BCN »

juillet 22nd, 2010

During the Barcelona week end, we spent time to film slalom tricks for you, here it is :

RB Team : video BCN

juillet 22nd, 2010

New video of RB Team in BCN skating the streets, the spots, the shops, the Barcelona  Xtrem :

RB Team @ Barcelona

juillet 15th, 2010

Thousands of skaters, skateboarders, bmx riders at Xtrem Barcelona. 4 or 5 skateparks, wakeboard parks, halfpipes, big air, flat track … the place was huge & crowded. There was a slalom competition, but on skateboards only. www.movistarbarcelonaextreme.com

Rollerblade represents the inline skating in this World.  Sven Boekhorst took part in the halfpipe competitions, representing Rollerblade.  I met the slalom skaters before the event at Arco de Triompho & the shop Inercia, then ride the Friday Night skate. Because the place is that nice.

French Champ. 2010

juillet 15th, 2010

French Championship 2010 : organised by the French Federation & the clubs, it took place in Colomiers, near Toulouse. This year I am second for Freestyle. First during the qualifications, I lacked 1 point in the finales.

The new tricks went good in general & skating was smoother.

RB Team @ Taig Show

juin 22nd, 2010

Paris 29th May 2010 – Taig Khris jumps from Eiffel Tower.
Rollerblade calls its skaters to join & share the week end, skate each style & meet on Street Skating :
+ Speed Skater Tamara LLorens,
+ Freestyle Skater Vinz VU VAN KHA,
+ Agressiv Skater Roberto,
+ Urban Skater Greg Mirzoyan

Link : http://www.experts-in-speed.de/teams/rollerblade-team.html
More film & pictures to come … by Rollerblade : stay tuned :

SouthFrance Champ2010

juin 1st, 2010

France is organizing the North & the South France Championship. I live in Paris, but still represent the club of Nice. Therefore I was there.

New skaters doing very good tricks, very young age. Impressive. Very hot days in StMedard & Bordeaux. Organizattion good & experimented. Many judges judging & some other teatching new judges for the future. This is the development. FFRS = French Federation Rollerskating.

I perform 1st for Freestyle Slalom adult & 2nd for Free Jump adult.

Slalom Class Vitoria 2010

mai 25th, 2010

3 years I was away, I missed Vitoria. MasterClass is always a good moment to meet new skaters. It is also the opportunity to improve my Spanish.

Good organization from local club & volunteers.

Nice job 😉 Gracias

Rollerblade Week End 2010

avril 25th, 2010

Rollerblading in Paris with Rollerblade :
+ Speed Skater Tamara LLorens,
+ Freestyle Skater Vinz VU VAN KHA,
+ Agressiv Skater Roberto,
+ Urban Skater Greg Mirzoyan

Link : http://www.experts-in-speed.de/teams/rollerblade-team.html


More film & pictures to come … by Rollerblade : stay tuned :

Show near Paris 2010

avril 20th, 2010

Slalom Skating in Paris neighbourhood for local clubs, developping skating, hockey, freestyle, bordercross & dance on skates.

The local clubs are the one provide place for the skaters, to teach kids & adults, to organize the competitions, to set up events. The skating life.

So I took part 😉

FFRS 2010 : Slalom Award

mars 25th, 2010

The French Federation of Roller Skating (FFRS) is 100th years old : 1910-2010. Rink Hockey, Speed Skating, Figure Skating, InLine Hockey are the main, but Freestyle, Skateboard, Street Skating, Downhill … are there too.

Freestyle Skating is inside since 1992, official commission appeared in 1994. First French Championship in 1994 – Paris La Défense. Since it grew up with Slalom, Jump, HalfPipe, Bowl, Agressiv. It developped French Team. Pushed for the appearing of the IFSA & the World Championship title for slalom & jump. Organised such Championship.

I got the award of the slalom skater (athlete) to represent our sport there. Anthony Avella got for agressive skating. Luc Bourdin got reward as manager (leader).

Class Skating Madrid 2009

janvier 6th, 2010

December 2009, Slalom Skating invited me as teacher for a class of Freestyle Slalom as last year, but also Speed Slalom & FreeJump.

The level of Spanish skaters improved really about Freestyle Slalom, better tricks and more people doing difficul tricks. A nice competitioin & synergie among these skaters does appear. About Speed Slalom, and especially FreeJump, the level remain weaker. FreeJump is starting but some skaters are interested in it & will play. That s the main.

Madrid in December, nice visit & tourism. Skaters united to celebrate & enjoy 4 days all together. Felicidad siempre. El mas importante. Y siempre, hablo castillano malo pero … « hay un tipo en un bar ». Gracias todos, estaba muy bien, juntos patinando en Madrid.

PS : some these pictures are from the skaters, all links to their gallery on slalomskating.com

4ª MasterClass de SlalomSkating – Vincent Vu Van Kha from SlalomSkating on Vimeo.

Video from CoinProd 09

novembre 9th, 2009

Check the video of CoinProd
Place : LasPalmas, Canarias
Skaters : Vincent Christophe Olivier Skali
Year : 2009

Teaser from CoinProd 09

octobre 22nd, 2009

Check the teaser of next video of CoinProd
Place : LasPalmas, Canarias
Skaters : Vincent Christophe Olivier Skali
Year : 2009

WorldCup Barcelona 2009

septembre 21st, 2009

World Cup Barcelona 19th 20th September 2009

Organisation : Parc del Clot
Trip : organised by the French Team (FFRS)

NB : great increase of level among Spanish skaters & Italian skaters
NB2 : I had to leave before the after party …

WorldCup StMedard 2009

septembre 1st, 2009

This Championship is a long story, it started as World Championship. Late decision changed it to IFSA Championship & World Cup.  Still it has been organised with all the energy & investment of the World Championship. 5 shows & 1 Fire works. A big village of activities to attract a big public, which came over 3 days. A large public for the competitors. A huge competition with high level. New World Record for FreeJump Women. New World Record for Speed Slalom Men.

I took part to the Freestyle Slalom as French Team Member. Qualified for the finale, unfortunatly my Chicken back lost grip and I felt, then I got lost in my programm. Time to train some more.

WorldCup Kiev 2009

juillet 21st, 2009

I ve skated in Kiev with the French Team. Member of this group, I met nice personns. Speed Slalom, FreeJump & Freestyle Slalom Skaters. Robin, Yohan & I were representing France for Freestyle Slalom Men. I finish 2nd. I met some skaters like Generator or Alex, Sabina & Maryna. Nice tricks & High level.


Video Wheeling09

juillet 6th, 2009

Video Wheeling09 – by Franky on Facebook

I am not producing so many video, not so good about filming & making this on the video programm. So Franky did a small film for me, one sunny day at Invalides. Just Easy Skating

Video Wheeling09 – by Franky on Facebook

French Champ. 2009

juillet 6th, 2009

French Championship 2009

French Championship 2009 : this year I am second for Freestyle. It was good to skate there – discuss tricks, try & share. Was good level, Were newt tricks for French Skaters.

About Jump, level in Freejump increased a lot. Freestyle jump is still impressive.

Skate & Sun

WorldCup Nice 2009

juin 28th, 2009

Back from Nice World Cup, organised by NRA – Nice Roller Attitude

Skating was good, same challenge for Freestyle Slalom with Robin Tessier, Tiziano Ferrari, Tanatoss, Jon, Richard and other talented riders.
Actually, I took part to jump too, It s been long, just for fun & skates.

Results : 1st for slalom & 2nd for jump

Show Barcelona 2009

juin 14th, 2009

Show Fiesta de la Ruelas – Barcelona June 2009

It takes place every year, with many people coming to celebrate skateboard, bicycle & skates. Carlos organised that trip for me, with his « Rodats » team. So I showed slalom with Jon Cristina Alex & Carlos, not only slalom but jump & slides, calling public to give a try 🙂
Spain, Beach, Tapas, Skate : easy programm

Pictures from Ana & Maria

WorldCup LasPalmas 2009

juin 1st, 2009

First World Cup 2009, organised in Canarias – LasPalmas. Thank you very much to Yves & Ulises & all the team. Big job for the skaters of the World.

Competition took place right near with the ocean, along the shore. Sunny & pleasant meeting. We spend time with skaters for fun after the competition. Took some picture & hopefully prepare videos …

Full results on www.ifsasports.org & About me, I scored 2nd

Class Judge IFSA – BCN

mai 10th, 2009

This Judge Course took place in BCN with people from Barcelona, Madrid, LasPalmas, Saragossa … 3 days & 1 exam. It was busy schedule. But, all went quite good as most of the students passed, understood what the tricks, the rules, the sports. Ready to be judge, Ready to coach & explain to other people.

In the break, we skated for fun with Carlos, Victor & Jon. As usual, Spain is good, nice place to skate, to meat & eat Jamon 8)

Show Rennes 2009

mai 8th, 2009

This Show took place in Rennes for Rennes sur Roulettes – Olivier & I performing during the WIC of speedskating – just before the men start.

As usual, I couldn’t catch pictures from this show as I was skating. Meanwhile We trained in Rouen before & I got some 3 photos.

Rouen new spot was good

Kiev 2009 – Preparation …

mai 8th, 2009

Travel to Kiev, Meeting the skaters,

Slafka (see in the gallery) is the main contact – he will organise Kiev World Cup next 11th & 12th July 2009 :http://www.ifsasports.org/2009/05/04/world-cup-3-kiev-ukraine/

I ll be there 🙂

Class Slalom Paris 2009

avril 15th, 2009

Private Class in Paris for Juan Carlos,

1student to teach, 1 student to check, 1 student to explain
Good plan for a slalom class 🙂
Of course the skater needs to be able to work hard – Juan Carlos did good

Wish this skater good tricks & pleasure achieving new moves

FFRS Election 2009

avril 15th, 2009

France had its election too. Every 4 year. Following the summer olympic games.
The FFRS is organised by departments. About Slalom it is the « Roller Acrobatique » department.
Former president has been re-elected. Passionnated discussions were shared on many topics about how to grow the sports.

FIRS Election 2009

mars 31st, 2009

15th February 2009

This meeting was about developping the organisation, the rules, the structure of freestyle sports. Therefore we worked, spend money & time on this challenge, to bring the best for the skaters.

Representing the IFSA, we actually met the FIRS & the WSSA, trying to find good solutions as fast as possible (1 day) in order to federate the international freestyle skaters.

Contest France Paris 2009

mars 30th, 2009

18th January 2009 :

Actually this contest took place in Argenteuil, Paris Area.

I juged there for free, just to developp & push slalom. One booked day, full schedule, so many participants for this leisure easy contest : Slalom, Jump… a bit of everything for everyone. And especially for kids & beginners.

Class Slalom Madrid 2008

mars 26th, 2009

Many skaters representing the Spanish scene. From Many cities : Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Vittoria, Saragossa, Murcia, Malaga, Valencia …

3 classes over 6 hours organised by SlalomSkating
Many tricks & good communication with everyone – nice meeting : to be done again of course

A video about the course = http://www.vimeo.com/3615235

FreeTime Skating in Madrid & local video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxUNc1eFprg

Show Rollnacht 2008

mars 26th, 2009

Skating a Show for Rollerblade – Skating with German skaters at Rollnact – Danke alles
Rollnacht – Dusseldorf

Show ILA 2008

mars 26th, 2009

Back from Venice, Rollerblade invites us there for a nice & fun meeting. Skaters from all countries, from speed skating, downhill, agressive, freestyle … all together just to enjoy skating : Playlife. Meeting nice people – Having good time. ILA

Show Switzerland 2008

mars 26th, 2009

Good time – Fast & Good looking show – 2 people Me & Olivier
I couldn’t take picture, as I performed. Here you can see the place & guess 😉

World Cup Barcelona 2008

mars 25th, 2009

Back in Barcelona for the last World Cup 2008. Many competitors, more than 80 skaters with more & more Spanish taking part. Barcelona as always is a nice place to travel to – I stayed for more days & give slalom course to local skaters & future champions 😉

We had a very nice day outdoor on Saturday but I forgot my camera, well, I skated for the 2nd place. So here are some pictures of Sunday indoor, to prevent the forcasted rain which finally did not come. Spanish sun 🙂 & carefull Spanish organization.