Class Skating Madrid 2009

December 2009, Slalom Skating invited me as teacher for a class of Freestyle Slalom as last year, but also Speed Slalom & FreeJump.

The level of Spanish skaters improved really about Freestyle Slalom, better tricks and more people doing difficul tricks. A nice competitioin & synergie among these skaters does appear. About Speed Slalom, and especially FreeJump, the level remain weaker. FreeJump is starting but some skaters are interested in it & will play. That s the main.

Madrid in December, nice visit & tourism. Skaters united to celebrate & enjoy 4 days all together. Felicidad siempre. El mas importante. Y siempre, hablo castillano malo pero … « hay un tipo en un bar ». Gracias todos, estaba muy bien, juntos patinando en Madrid.

PS : some these pictures are from the skaters, all links to their gallery on

4ª MasterClass de SlalomSkating – Vincent Vu Van Kha from SlalomSkating on Vimeo.

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