FFRS 2010 : Slalom Award

The French Federation of Roller Skating (FFRS) is 100th years old : 1910-2010. Rink Hockey, Speed Skating, Figure Skating, InLine Hockey are the main, but Freestyle, Skateboard, Street Skating, Downhill … are there too.

Freestyle Skating is inside since 1992, official commission appeared in 1994. First French Championship in 1994 – Paris La Défense. Since it grew up with Slalom, Jump, HalfPipe, Bowl, Agressiv. It developped French Team. Pushed for the appearing of the IFSA & the World Championship title for slalom & jump. Organised such Championship.

I got the award of the slalom skater (athlete) to represent our sport there. Anthony Avella got for agressive skating. Luc Bourdin got reward as manager (leader).

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