Barcelona Games 2014

Back to competition : ranking 1st for Slalom & 2nd for Jump
2 hot days in Spain

I arrived in Barcelona by plan … without case : lost luggage : no skates
Claim & wait. I decide to take it easy, visit some restaurants & have spanish foods with my friends. After 2 days, Friday late evening I got my skates !

No need to stress for competition : I have my skates, it is already cool.
FreeJump : I jump without mistakes until 1m35 which I touch : I finish 2nd.

Then time for freestyle slalom : no need to warm up long time, it is more than 35°C outside, competition gets a bit delayed … so I start to skate 5 girls before the end of women category.
I finish 1st.

Many good points for this week end, I met new skaters, spoke with them, did my tricks, had good foods & spoke with old friends.

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